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Performing a vehicle search without a warrant

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides protection against unreasonable searches and seizures of property. This prohibition applies to the home, to searches of people and their effects. It also applies to searches of vehicles. Georgia motorists sometimes wonder if police can search a vehicle without a warrant during a traffic stop.

Bail decisions can be important for defendants

When people are arrested and accused of a crime in Georgia, one of the first steps of their criminal case can be dealing with the bail system. Bail is the amount of money they must pay to the court to secure their release, and it is intended to ensure their return to face the charges against them.

The elements of aggravated assault

In Georgia and throughout the U.S., an aggravated assault is considered to be a serious offense. There are many factors that may result in an assault charge being upgraded to an aggravated assault. For instance, a weapon may have been involved in an attack or the person who committed the act may have intended to cause significant injury to the victim.

The mechanics of plea bargaining

Georgia residents may be familiar with a strategy used by criminal defense attorneys known as plea bargaining or plea negotiation. As the term suggests, plea bargaining is an effort in which a criminal defense attorney works with a prosecutor to obtain a lesser charge for his or her client. It can be done at court in the prosecutor's office or over the telephone. Plea negotiations could also help a defendant avoid trial, which may otherwise end up in a conviction on a more serious charge. There are three types of plea bargaining negotiations: charge bargaining, sentence bargaining and fact bargaining.

A person's right to adequate representation

Georgia residents who have been accused of committing a crime are entitled to adequate legal representation, whether the attorney has been appointed by the court or retained by the defendant. It should be noted, however, that "adequate" representation does not necessarily mean that the person will receive perfect representation. If the attorney is found to be negligent or fails to adequately represent the defendant, a guilty verdict could potentially be thrown out.

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