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Georgia motorists who travel with baking soda might think twice about storing it in plastic bags after reading about a couple whom police took into custody after their baking soda was mistaken for cocaine. After spending more than two months in police custody, they were finally vindicated when it was learned that the kit officials used to test the substance was faulty.

During a routine inspection in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, on May 8, police detained a truck-driving couple, who haul explosive material for the military, after they found a white powdery substance stored in baggies inside the couple's semitrailer. When authorities tested the substance, it came up positive for cocaine.

According to the report, an inexpensive narcotics testing kit was used to determine if the substance was a drug. Even after repeated testing, it was determined that the couple was transporting cocaine. Therefore, the couple was detained in jail, their truck was impounded, and they lost their jobs. However, after narcotics experts performed additional and more thorough tests on the substance, it was revealed that it was baking soda and not cocaine. The couple was then released from jail, but they had to spend several months to get back their truck.

People who have been issued drug possession charges can face severe penalties if convicted. Even if it is evident that the test results were faulty and that the substance was something like baking soda or talcum powder and not a prohibited substance, having the assistance of a drug charges lawyer may be advisable in obtaining a speedy resolution of the case.

Source: Overdrive Online, "If you're carrying baking soda on the truck ...", Todd Dills, Nov. 28, 2016

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