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It was a nice, warm day, so you decided to ride your bike to Lake Lanier and have a few cold ones with your buddies. Deciding to ride your bike was certainly the safest choice, especially since you planned on drinking.

The sun was starting to set and you were out of beer, so it was time to head home. You climbed on your bicycle and started slowly meandering your way down the lane. It was a perfect day until you heard the siren wail behind you, and the red and blue lights lit up the road.

You pulled over to the shoulder to let the cop go around you, when you heard the voice over the load speaker say, "Sir, please get off the bike!"

You had just been pulled over for biking while intoxicated. That's right, you can get a DUI citation for riding your bike and drinking. In the state of Georgia, bicycles are considered vehicles and are subject to the same laws as cars and motorcycles.

Handling a DUI citation for riding your bike can be the same as handling one that was received while driving your car. You can face the same penalties and court costs that are associated with a motor vehicle DUI.

Why are cyclists subject to the same DUI laws?

It may surprise you to learn that as far as the law is concerned, cyclists and drivers are subject to the same drinking and driving standards. Surely you made the right choice to ride your bike instead of getting behind the wheel? What kind of damage could you possibly do by cycling while drunk? Why would the law treat you the same?

While bicycles seem fairly harmless when compared to cars, you can still do serious damage to property, other people, and especially yourself by cycling drunk.

For example, drinking hinders your balance. Balance is definitely a requirement for riding a bike. If you were to be so intoxicated that you fell off your bicycle and landed in the street only to then be run over by a passing car, you could not only be killed, but you could potentially cause a wreck as well.

Even if you didn't cause a wreck, you wo uld definitely cause serious psychological damage to the driver that accidently ran over you.

While you may view riding your bike as the safe choice after a day of drinking at the lake, the state of Georgia definitely does not. If you have been charged with riding your bike while intoxicated, contact a local Buford attorney experienced with DUI cases.

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