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The elements of aggravated assault

In Georgia and throughout the U.S., an aggravated assault is considered to be a serious offense. There are many factors that may result in an assault charge being upgraded to an aggravated assault. For instance, a weapon may have been involved in an attack or the person who committed the act may have intended to cause significant injury to the victim.

DUI charges follow loss in Miami for Cardinals' wide receiver

On Dec. 12, an Arizona Cardinals wide receiver and former first-round draft pick was charged with DUI for the second time within a five-year period, and Gwinnett fans of their Atlanta Falcons may want to know more about the possible consequences that he could be facing as a result. The incident occurred in the Scottsdale area just hours after the Cardinals lost a close game to the Miami Dolphins on the other side of the country.

Truck driving couple's baking soda mistaken for cocaine

Georgia motorists who travel with baking soda might think twice about storing it in plastic bags after reading about a couple whom police took into custody after their baking soda was mistaken for cocaine. After spending more than two months in police custody, they were finally vindicated when it was learned that the kit officials used to test the substance was faulty.

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