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Although Georgia motorists may understand that exceeding the legal blood alcohol content for driving carries serious consequences, knowing one's actual BAC is difficult without actual testing. Even though an individual might believe that they have adequately restricted consumption before driving, a breath test could prove otherwise. An Albuquerque company is working to address this area of uncertainty through its development of a new drinking safety patch.

The patch changes color to reflect excessive alcohol intake, becoming activated as a wearer's sweat is absorbed. The color of the patch indicates if the wearer is safe to legally drive. As the company continues to refine their product and concept, there is an interest in marketing the patches to both consumers and businesses that serve alcohol. The goal is to improve safety on the nation's roads while enhancing the experiences of those who enjoy consuming alcoholic beverages.

Chemical testing is a key factor in charging motorists with DUIs. While sobriety testing could be subjective, a breath test or blood test offers a specific measure of the level of intoxication. However, these tests could be affected by issues such as incorrect use of testing equipment or mishandling of biological samples.

An individual facing DUI charges might find that there are avenues for challenging charges if an official has failed to follow proper testing protocol. An attorney may be able to identify protocol problems in reports issued by authorities. Additionally, a lawyer might evaluate issues such as the handling of evidence when seeking a reduction or dismissal of charges.

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