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Georgia residents are most likely familiar with the ride-sharing service Uber. The company has touted studies in the past that it claimed showed that drunk-driving deaths decreased in areas where it was available. Another study counters that claim, however.

Researchers from Oxford University and the University of Southern California analyzed data from 100 different metropolitan areas across the country. They compared the data both previous to and after the introduction of Uber and other similar services. In order to get more accurate results, the researchers controlled for other things that could impact the number of drunk driving fatalities, including alcohol taxes, marijuana laws and texting and driving bans.

The researchers then separated out fatalities that happened on weekends and holidays from the total of drunk-driving deaths. When the researchers used the controls, they found that the availability of Uber and Lyft had no effect on drunk-driving fatality rates. The study's authors surmised that people who are intoxicated might simply not want to pay money for a ride-sharing service or a taxi. They also thought that some drunk drivers simply are not thinking rationally when they choose to drive drunk. For others, the authors thought that the intoxicated people might have completed a cost and benefit analysis to determine that their chances of getting pulled over were minimal.

People who are charged with drunk driving may face serious penalties if they are convicted. They may want to seek help from a drunk driving attorney. Legal counsel might be able to identify problems with the state's case against the defendant involving how the police conducted the stop, collected evidence or performed testing. If there are issues, the attorney may challenge the admissibility of some of the evidence in the case.

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