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Rapper found with drugs during baggage screen

Georgia residents who are fans of rapper Chief Keef may have heard about his legal troubles. He was taken into custody in South Dakota and booked into jail at 9:21 a.m. on June 12 on drug possession charges. According to authorities, he was in possession of between two ounces and a half-pound of marijuana in addition to drug paraphernalia.

The rapper was at the Sioux Falls airport when the TSA discovered two edibles as well as four blunts in his luggage at about 8:30 that morning. This was the second time that Chief Keef had found himself in trouble with the law this year. In April, there was a warrant out after he missed a court date related to DUI and drug possession charges in Miami.

Understand the role of alternative sentences in criminal justice

Facing criminal charge means that you should learn about the possible sentences that you could face. These can vary greatly. Except for when there are mandatory sentences for a conviction, judges have a wide berth for the verdicts they hand down.

The judge will consider several factors when deciding on your sentence. Factors like your criminal history and the type of charge are influential. The judge can hand down a traditional or alternative sentence. Here are some points you should know about alternative sentences.

Tiger Woods faces charges for operating under the influence

Georgia sports fans may have heard that professional golfer Tiger Woods was arrested on May 26 for operating a vehicle under the influence. In a statement following his release, Woods asserted that he had not been drinking alcohol. He claims that he had taken medications that caused a bad reaction. He underwent back surgery several weeks ago.

The arrest occurred at around 3 a.m. in southern Florida. According to law enforcement, Woods was placed under arrest on a six-lane road before being booked at 7:18 a.m. The 41-year-old golfer was released on his own recognizance from a Palm Beach County jail at 10:50 a.m. He has since issued an apology to family, friend and fans.

David Hasselhoff's daughter arrested for DUI

Like every other state, Georgia imposes severe consequences for those who get pulled over for driving under the influence. Among the more serious repercussions are license suspension or revocation, fines and possible incarceration.

Hayley Hasselhoff, the 24-year-old daughter of David Hasselhoff, was arrested in May for driving under the influence. According to news reports, Ms. Hasselhoff, a television and movie actress, was on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles and came to a complete stop on an off ramp around 4:00 am. Police officers were called to the scene, where they found Hasselhoff passed out in her car.

Interlock laws may save lives

Georgia residents may be interested to hear about a study done by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study that was conducted in conjunction with the Colorado School of Public Health suggests that ignition interlock laws lead to fewer fatal car crashes. It was published in a leading peer-reviewed medical journal in January 2017.

Specifically, the study estimated that there were 1,250 fewer deaths in states with such laws since they were first enacted in 1993. This is a roughly 7 percent drop in fatal crashes involving at least one driver who had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit. While all 50 states have an ignition interlock law, only 26 make it mandatory to use one after a first conviction for DUI.

Georgia drug raid yields cash, marijuana and sawed-off shotgun

A suburban home was the scene of a drug raid conducted by the Hall County Sheriff's Office. The investigation culminated with the arrest of a 30-year-old man and the seizure of 230 vials of THC-infused oil, marijuana edibles, six pounds of marijuana and substantial amounts of cash. Authorities also found a sawed-off shotgun.

Law enforcement described the THC-infused oil as a product meant to be consumed with an electronic vaping device. A lieutenant from the sheriff's office said that investigators believe that the man had obtained the products in states where they are legal to purchase over the counter. He then allegedly shipped the products to his home, which served as his distribution point. Investigators suspected that he had been traveling to the legal marijuana states or had contact with someone in them.

Mindy Project actor charged with cocaine, marijuana possession

Georgia fans of The Mindy Project may be interested to learn that actor Adam Pally was taken into custody and charged with several drug offenses on March 30 while he was in New York City. Neither the actor nor his team had made comments regarding the incident when the report was released.

The actor was reportedly outside of a building that was located on West 48th Street in Manhattan when the incident. At about 10:46 p.m., authorities stated that they observed him smoking an e-cigarette that was filled with marijuana. After he was taken into custody, the authorities reportedly found a small amount of cocaine on his person following a search.

Former Howard Stern Show regular accused of drug possession

Georgia residents who listen to the "Howard Stern Show" may be interested to learn that, on March 12, former regular Artie Lange was taken into custody for possession of heroin and cocaine. Authorities claimed that they found drugs in his vehicle and on his person.

Officers were called to the area of Shipyard Lane and 14th Street after a man was reported to be attempting to enter a vehicle that was parked in a garage. Officers observed suspected drugs inside the vehicle. A man, who was later identified as Lange, told the officers that it was his vehicle. They then searched him and found evidence of what were suspected to be cocaine and heroin on his person.

Yes, you may need an attorney after a traffic ticket

As a driver, the last thing you want to see is police lights in your rearview mirror. If this happens, you know you're in trouble with the law.

It's important to understand what actions can result in a traffic citation. With this knowledge, it's much easier to avoid trouble with the law and a punishment that could quickly change your life for the worse.

NFL player accused of DUI and auto theft

Georgia football fans may be interested to learn that David Parry, a defensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts, was accused of drunk driving and stealing a golf cart on Feb. 25. According to authorities, the 24-year-oldwas charged with multiple offenses, including DUI, auto theft and resisting arrest.

The incident reportedly occurred at about 2:30 a.m. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Authorities received reports that a golf cart taxi driver had just dropped off two men when a third man, who was believed to be Parry, assaulted him. Parry then allegedly drove off in the golf cart. Shortly after the alleged theft was reported, police received more reports of a hit-and-run. When they arrived at the scene, they reportedly found a drunk Parry and the golf cart, which had crashed into a gate.

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