Defending North Atlanta Metro Against Federal Offenses

Do You Know The Difference?

Many people are aware that there are differences between federal crimes and state crimes — but some do not know the exact variations and penalties involved with each.

Along with different laws, court procedures, judges and jury pools, one of the biggest and most surprising differences many people aren't aware of are the sentencing discrepancies.

Sentencing Discrepancies

Federal judges follows what's known as federal sentencing guidelines, or standardized rules that set forth recommended sentences for certain federal crimes.

These guidelines and their corresponding sentences, however, tend to be much more stringent than those handed down by a state court judge for a state offense.

Given the seriousness of these offenses, hiring an attorney with knowledge of the federal court system and procedures is extremely important if you want to mitigate jail time or other consequences associated with the offense.

Knowledge Of Federal Offenses, Widespread Jury Trial Experience

I am criminal defense attorney Jacob Stidham and I often represent individuals facing a wide range of federal charges, including but not limited to:

  • Embezzlement
  • Child pornography
  • Internet crimes
  • Federal armed robbery
  • Drug cases spanning multiple jurisdictions

I am familiar with federal laws and procedures and have widespread jury trial experience, having litigated in both state and federal courts all across the state.

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I also defend against drug charges, felonies and DUIs.